What Happens at a USDA dog breeding kennel?

As seen over and over again, inspection reports and photos taken by the USDA, collectively show large scale legal systemic cruelty has been going on for years.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs are considered livestock, have suffered and continue to suffer in these legal licensed dog breeding kennels.

Animal welfare is the physical and mental state of an animal in relation to the conditions in which it lives and dies. The animal welfare standards for USDA dog breeders are heartbreakingly low and lack enforcement.

It’s time to make change for the dogs.

The below photos were taken in USDA dog breeding kennels 10 years apart, in 2012 and 2022. As you will see, the dogs continue to suffer from the same painful illnesses and mental abuse year after year from the low animal welfare standards.

2012 photos of dogs in USDA kennels

2022 photos of dogs in USDA kennels

Did you know?

  • Together, USDA dog breeders produce the largest number of puppies in America.
  • USDA breeders collectively house the largest number of regulated breeding dogs in America.
  • Dogs can and are caged in dark barns and outbuildings.
  • Breeders can and do have hundreds of dogs.
  • USDA breeders are licensed commercial dog breeders who breed puppies for the wholesale pet trade and ship and sell puppies online.
  • USDA breeders can keep their license’s even when they have multiple repeat direct violations.
  • Puppies sold and shipped to pet stores, online puppy buyers and the wholesale pet trade at 8 weeks of age endure fear and stress, indicative of impaired welfare.
  • Not all kennels are inspected every year and if an inspector shows up, the breeder can turn them away.
  • Dogs continue to suffer with untreated painful wounds, ear infections, sores on feet, infected eyes, fear, lack of dental care and lack of overall vet care.