Collectively, USDA breeding dogs suffer large scale legal systemic cruelty, where lack of vet care is common and the animal welfare standards are low.

These are common living conditions and standards for an estimated 250,000 USDA dogs 24/7/365 that are considered livestock.

The below photos are USDA breeding dogs taken during inspections.

  • USDA dog breeders are only required to have a Program of Vet Care written down on paper.
  • USDA dog breeders are not required to provide physical, behavioral or psychological enrichment to the dogs.
  • USDA dog breeders can breed their dogs as many times as they want, for the life of the dog.
  • USDA dog breeders can still breed a dog if the dog is sick or injured.
  • USDA dog breeders can breed dogs that have genetic conditions that can be passed to offspring.
  • USDA dog breeders can legally keep their dogs in raised cages.
  • USDA dog breeder can keep dogs on wire cage flooring.