Lack of Vet Care:

Large scale legal systemic animal cruelty and lack of regular vet care is seen in the USDA kennel inspection photos taken by USDA inspectors.

There are currently around 3,000 USDA licensees with and estimated 250,000 dogs living in them. The below photos were taken in 2022 of dogs living in USDA kennels.

  • The dogs in USDA kennels can still be bred if they are sick or injured. Many have ongoing untreated painful open wounds, untreated painful infections in ears, eyes, uterus and urinary tract as well as infected rotten teeth and gums.
  • Lack of vet care is seen and many breeders have repeat violations. Dogs receive little to no regular vet care or grooming.
  • Breeders are not required to provide physical, psychological or behavioral enrichment to the dogs.
  • Immense suffering is seen both mentally and physically.

Photos of dogs in USDA kennels taken in 2022.