Because USDA licensed dog breeders are keeping dogs in appalling conditions and not providing proper vet care.


Large scale legal systemic cruelty is happening now!

America’s dog lovers have no idea that tens of thousands of dogs are currently living in appalling conditions in USDA licensed breeding kennels across America.

Join the concerned citizens, rescue groups, businesses and organizations working together to help change laws to improve enforcement, living conditions and standards of care for the dogs in USDA kennels.

USDA inspection reports give an inside look at the horrors and lack of vet care the dogs endure.

Sign the petition to join the USDA WALK AWAY today!

The industry likes to say USDA licensed breeders are not puppy mills.
We disagree and this is why!

2021 USDA Dog Kennel Any breeder can be a puppy mill, including licensed legal commercial dog breeders.

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  • Do not support USDA dog breeders or the outlets that sell USDA puppies.
  • If the breeder you are talking to is USDA licensed...WALK AWAY.
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